Partnership with Speech and Language Therapy Service




As we informed you earlier this session we are using some of our funding from the Pupil Equity Fund to develop a bespoke programme in partnership with Speech and Language Therapy.  This innovative project will take place across our Nursery and School.  We have already experienced the impact of some of this work through existing partnership working, so to have the opportunity to build on this successful project is fantastic. 


We know that when children experience improved spoken language skills this benefits their learning, confidence and general wellbeing.


Children who have experienced this approach have shown:

  • improved spoken language skills, particularly from nursery up to P2.
  • an improved ability to learn
  • increased self-esteem and confidence.
    We will do this here at St Patrick’s school and nursery using a range of approaches and activities.  These include:
  • training for all staff
  • speech and language therapists working alongside staff and children in our nursery and in class
  • holding parent events
    Developing spoken language benefits all children.  If your child is currently working with a Speech and Language Therapist, this will continue in addition to the project.
    Following consultation with staff, parents and specialists we have created an action plan for the project which will focus on 3 key areas:
  1. Improving our school environment to make it more communication friendly
  2. Providing  a wide range of opportunities to develop speech and language and communication skills through everyday activities
  3. Providing advice and information to parents and careers to enable them to support their children’s speech, language and communication skills


As we progress through the year we will hold parent events to provide further information/support and we will also use our social media platform to inform you of activities carried out in classrooms throughout the school day.  If you do not follow your child’s class on twitter then please take this opportunity to do so – we are happy to provide advice regarding this.  If you do not have social media access then please let your child’s teacher know so we can provide information to you in another format.