Parent Teacher Partnership

Our PTA and Parent Council are piloting a new way of working in order to broaden our parental engagement, therefore we are going to operate this year as St Patrick's Parent Teacher Partnership.


Within this Parent Teacher Partnership, there will be four focus groups:   

 **Literacy Focus Group

 **Fundraising Focus Group

 **Communications Focus Group

 **Community Focus Group



This group is led by Deborah O'Reilly and Mrs. O'Donnell and will focus on working in partnership with the school to raise the literacy levels of all children.  

This group will be responsible for running our lending library, reading to children, organising visits to the local library and organising book celebration events.  

If you would like to be involved in this group or want to find out more, then please return the slip below and she will get in touch.



This group is led by Clare Malcolm and Mary Helen Caldwell and will focus on everything to do with raising money, planning and organising fun events for our children and working in collaboration with the school to develop our school playground.  This group will also be responsible for the school lottery.



This group is led by Eileen Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Black and will focus on communication.  Communication channels are forever changing and we need to ensure we are reaching all of our parents/carers, therefore we need as much support and ideas from you as possible.  



This group is led by Clare Malcolm and Mrs. Downie and will focus on all aspects of improving St Patrick's collaboration within our own community, with partner primary schools and the wider Community of Denny and Banknock.  We are in the early stages of this and would welcome your involvement.


We need more parents to be involved within these four areas as well as parents who are willing to offer "one-off" support for school outings, sports events, school discos/fundraising events, therefore if you would be wiling to help out, please get in touch with the school.