Literacy Tasks

Can you think of some ‘th’ ‘sh’ words to describe snow? Have a go at spelling your words.

A verb is a doing word. Try to think of all the things you can do in the snow. How many 'ng' words can you use when playing in the snow? E.g. rolling (snowball).

Look out your window. What wow words (exciting words) could you use to describe the weather today? Can you use some of these words in a super sentence or story? Remember, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces! Try to use a connective in your story, such as 'and'. Read your story to someone in your house.

Choose a book, magazine, newspaper and skim and scan through to find 'th' words. You could try it again with our other sounds such as 'sh', 'ng' etc. Write down the words you find. Remember tall letters to the top and tails down low.