Numeracy Activities

You will need 2 dice and 1 coin. Roll both dice and read the numbers. Next flip the coin- heads is for adding and tails is for take away. Write and complete your sum on a piece of paper. Remember; always start with the biggest number. You can use catch and count, a homemade number line, or use pennies or other small items to help you work out your answer.

Make and cut out flash cards with the numbers 0-10 (or to 20 if you wish). Lay them on the floor in order in a large number line. Ask an adult to ask you some questions and you have to jump to the correct answer. Example questions...

"What is 2more than 5?"
"What is 2 less than 8?"
"What is the number between 5&7?"
Try lots of + and - sums too.

Can you find all the clocks in your house? How many analogue clocks and how many digital clocks did you find? Tell a family member each time you see an o'clock time today.