Enhanced Provision

There are a range of activities you can try here.

Enjoy exploring the activities.

The following websites may be fun to explore too.

Useful Web Links

General sites – days of week and months of year

Days of the week song



Months of the year song 



Single sound stage

phonics work  single sounds   


Under “listen and watch” pick "alphablocks" under “a”.

Under “listen and watch” pick "fun with phonics under “f”.


For work on individual sounds



The phonics song



cvc words stage

 box bag etc


 Work on harder sounds



phonics work some single sounds, some harder





bbc site good for cvc words and long vowels




Like a word search no sound





Maths site

Ten in the bed song



Ten little numbers




Wide range of maths activities; different age groups along the top of the website.




For spelling practise


Key in words required, and under left hand column there are “free activities” to work on.



Other sites you may enjoy










Various maths and language based challenges for you to try at home!

Can you join in with any of the language-based songs on the internet.

 Can you use the television guide (paper copy or on screen view) to find 2 programmes on at and “o’clock” time, and 2 programmes that start at a “half past” time?

 Can you read the o’clock times or half past times on a clock in your house.

 Can you look at the tins in the food cupboard at home if you are allowed to.

Can you sort them by size, eg big cans to one side, small to the other?

Can you sort the cans by colors on the labels, eg a brown group, a green group?

Can you sort the cans by the food in them eg savoury, sweet?

 Can you help a grown up to pair the socks once they have been washed?

 Can you tidy books of magazines in your house sorting them by size?

 If you have clothes pegs in the house, can you sort them by colour?

 If there are kitchen weighing scales in your house, can you weigh some tins or other items?

 Can you look at tins in the food cupboard and look at for the number of grams (g) there is in the tin.

 Can you look at vegetable packs if you have these and look for the weight for potatoes in kilograms (kg).

 Can you measure the heights of people in your family.

 Can you find out the ages of family members and put these in different orders eg youngest to oldest or oldest to youngest.

 Can you read a story book to a younger brother or sister?

Can you ask them to point to certain words that you read aloud.

Can a younger brother or sister read a book to you?

Can they answer questions you ask them about the story?

 Can you look in the food cupboard at home and read some of the instructions on a packet?

 Can you follow instructions on a packet or tin when a grown up is making a meal – can you help?

 Can you look for different shapes in your house?

 Can you count money in someone’s purse?

 Can you sort coins that are in a purse?

 Can you listen to some news on the television?

 Can you find a nature programme in your television guide … then watch it?

 Can you sort your clothes into different colours?