We love to learn through play.

At St Patrick's Nursery we know how important play is in the learning process. Play is one of the main ways in which children learn it is fun and as a result, children become more engaged and motivated to learn.

We provide children with a range of play experiences will help them learn in a number of ways:

Sand and water play can be an early introduction to science and maths, eg learning that water is fluid, not solid, and that it can be measured in different sized containers.

Playing with dough, drawing and painting pictures, dressing up, playing with dolls can encourage creativity, imagination and expression of feelings.

Building blocks, jigsaws and shape sorters can help with recognising different shapes and sizes, putting things in order and developing logic.

Playing ball games, dancing, running, climbing all help to develop body movement, strength, flexibility and co-ordination skills.

Games help with turn taking, sharing and playing with others.

It's important that learning is fun at this age. It needs to be about providing opportunities to experience things that the children are showing an interested in.