Staff List – Session 2017-18

Management Team

Anne O’Donnell



Karen Downie

Acting Depute Head


Stacy Black

Acting Principal Teacher


Music - Mrs Alexander

PE - Mrs Dixon

Support for Learning – Mrs McLaughlin

Enhanced Provision – Mrs Steel and Mrs Trotter

Support for Learning Assistants – Mrs McGeachy, Mrs Shanks, Mrs McLay, Mrs Anderson, Ms Wrigley and Mrs Carr

School Secretary - Mrs McRoberts

School Helpers – Mrs McKell and Mrs Quinn

School Janitor - Mr Munn



P1a Miss Daley

P1b Mrs Adams

P2a Miss Fern

P2b Mr Stolecki

P3a Mrs Flaherty/Mrs Roche

P3b Mrs Turk 

P4a Mrs Black

P4b Miss Meade

P5a Miss O'Donnell

P5b Miss Carroll

P6a Miss O'Hare

P6b Miss McQuade

P7a Mrs Young

P7b Mrs Kiddie

Nusery Staff

Mrs Lindsay McNaught – Senior Early Years Officer

Mrs Janey Dowall – Early Years Officer

Miss Joanna Kapusciak – Early Years Officer